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Aggressive taking on the challenge as a general trading company of marine products.
Creating a rich dietary life.



Fresh Fish & Live Fish, Department No.1

Please leave it to Fresh Fish & Live Fish, Department No.1 for all your inshore fish and bluefish needs in Tokushima Prefecture and all over Japan.

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High Grade Fish&Shellfish, Department No.2

For big and fat fishes such as tuna and bonito, as well as ayu, iwagaki and other specialty products, contact the High Grade Fish&Shellfish, Department No.2.

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Aquaculture Fish, Department No.3

For farmed fish, live fish, and live eels such as "Sudachi-buri", farmed yellowtail, farmed sea bream, and farmed puffer fish, visit the Aquaculture Fish, Department No.3.

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Dried Fish Department

Dried Fish Department enriches your dining table. In addition to "Chirimen" and "Naruto Wakame", a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture, we have a wide selection of salted fish, dried fish, and various frozen foods.

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Frozen Fish & Processed MARINE Department

The Frozen Fish & Processed MARINE Department handles frozen local fish products and imported marine products in general. We have a wide selection of products. If you are looking for something, please contact us.

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General Affairs Department

The General Affairs Department responds to customers "with sincerity" and full of smiles.

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Fish native to Tokushima